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How to Choose a Polygraph Examiner

  When deciding which Polygraph Examiner to hire, consider their training and experience.

About Polygraph Examiners

  Private polygraph examiners who do not have a United States federal polygraph service background attend polygraph schools from all over.  The quality of training varies from good to mediocre.  The schools might just meet minimum polygraph standards and do not provide quality polygraph training.  Some may not be approved by the American Polygraph Association (APA).  The length of training also varies with some training sessions lasting only a couple of weeks.  Many schools do not teach the latest, most researched testing methods and techniques. 

  To be admitted to these schools a student is not required to have a degree from an accredited university.  Schools may not conduct a background investigation on their applicants.  To attend these schools, a student does not need to have any type of previous investigative or interviewing experience.  Upon completion of training, the newly designated polygraph examiner may have zero experience interviewing and interrogating individuals.

  Due to their lack of training and experience, many of these private polygraph examiners tend to charge the least for professional services.

The ORTSEC difference

ORTSEC Polygraph Examiners attended the world-renowned United States National Center for Credibility Assessment (NCCA), known to be the “Harvard” of polygraph schools.  The FBI, CIA, NSA and other federal agencies send their prospect polygraph examiners to NCCA.  To be admitted to NCCA a candidate must be employed by a federal agency, pass a thorough background investigation, pass a polygraph examination and have a minimum of a four-year university/college degree. 

While in the FBI, ORTSEC Polygraph Examiners worked a variety of investigative programs, including counterintelligence, domestic and international terrorism, violent crimes, street gangs, drugs and the many others the FBI has jurisdiction.  As FBI Polygraph Examiners for decades, ORTSEC examiners conducted thousands of  polygraph examinations in support of FBI cases.  ORTSEC Polygraph Examiners have traveled the world, including the Middle East, Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, Central and South America to conduct examinations.

Our Polygraph Examiners are active member of the APA and/or the American Association of Police Polygraphists. 

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