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How to Choose a Polygraph Examiner

When deciding which Polygraph Examiner to hire, consider their training and experience.

About Polygraph Examiners

Private polygraph examiners without a background in the United States federal polygraph service attend polygraph schools from various locations. The training quality ranges from excellent to average. These schools may only meet the minimum standards for polygraph training and may not offer high-quality instruction. Some schools may not be approved by the American Polygraph Association (APA). The duration of training also varies, with some sessions lasting only a few weeks. Some schools may not teach the most up-to-date and extensively researched testing methods and techniques.

A degree from an accredited university is not a prerequisite for admission to some of these schools. Background investigations are not conducted by the schools on their applicants. Previous investigative or interviewing experience may not required for students to attend some of these schools. Even after completing the training, the newly appointed polygraph examiner may have no experience in interviewing and interrogating individuals.

As a result of their limited training and experience, a significant number of these private polygraph examiners tend to offer their professional services at the lowest rates.

The ORTSEC difference

ORTSEC Polygraph Examiners have completed training at the prestigious United States National Center for Credibility Assessment (NCCA), which is considered the top polygraph school in the world. Federal agencies such as the FBI, CIA, and NSA send their potential polygraph examiners to NCCA for training. Admission to NCCA requires candidates to hold at least a four-year university/college degree, be employed by a federal agency, undergo a comprehensive background check, and pass a polygraph examination.

During their time at the FBI, ORTSEC polygraph examiners traveled extensively to conduct polygraph examinations on a wide range of issues including counterintelligence, domestic and international terrorism, violent crimes, street gangs, drugs, and other matters falling under FBI jurisdiction. ORTSEC examiners have conducted numerous polygraph examinations in support of FBI investigations.

Our polygraph examiners are proud members of the APA or the American Association of Police Polygraphists.

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